What I Know

I love getting over myself! Doing so has been one of the most rewarding, reluctant results of growing up… or getting older, as the case may be.


I love my life. It’s been nothing of what I expected. I’ve enjoyed the surprise, the journey, and the learning. My life is fun and interesting. My life is real, with challenges that force me to grow, and soften the rough edges, while yet honing that color, fierceness, and vibrance that is my person. I am ALIVE!

I love to learn. I will always ask why, what, how? And I Am Worthy.

2 thoughts on “What I Know

  1. I was at Salt Lake City several days this week on business. I’ve never liked it before, but this time I tried to see it through your eyes. It was far more beautiful this way. It didn’t help that it was spring! Thanks for helping me be more open to a city that I usually feel only welcomes my money – and not my family values.

    • thank you! that’s a great compliment. most of the time, i think my perspective about this weird town, the world and my place in it is just… so many words. i sometimes wonder how people who aren’t from this culture can stand it here. it’s easy for me, because i get the people on either side of that strange cultural divide that is Small Lake City. i find it interesting; i wonder if others find it vexing. i’d certainly understand why. funny town, for sure. i’m glad you enjoyed it a little more than usual. thanks for reading.

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