I Don’t Like To Be Cold.

I’ve been so good this Autumn at not borrowing Winter’s trouble.

I have such a hard time enjoying Fall for its brilliant colors and merciful temps. All I feel underneath it all is, “Oh god oh god, here it comes. I’m going to be miserable for 5 months, minimum!”

This year was very different. I’ve actually enjoyed myself this season! Until last week. We expanded our office and the heating in this old building isn’t equipped to warm an entire warehouse. It was set up for our formerly confined set-up, but we tore the walls down. And I AM FUCKING FREEZING.

My new home? Freezing. North-facing freezing. My beautiful sun-room? Single-pane windows from ceiling to mid-wall, EVERY WALL, except for the south-facing, which has no window at all. (I thought the west-facing windows would suffice for light and heat, but the blessed sun doesn’t peak through foliage to the south until just before it sets. No warmth for me.) And it was clearly an addition; There’s no heating to the room at all! Unless I want cat litter in my bedroom, I have to keep that ice-box open to freeze me ’til Spring thaw. Otherwise, my room will be almost completely dark with its one paltry, narrow, North-facing window. And small. And drafty, cold, ever so cold.

It feels like December already. I’m wearing my warmest clothes, layers, gloves, and BLANKETS! At work, as well as home! What am I going to do in January?

My body hurts. I want to curl up in a ball and cry. I’m going to miserable until March.

Thank god I didn’t move to Idaho.