Happy Pioneer Day!

It’s a Mormon thing. Ironically, it involves a lot of beer. Brigham Young and the other weirdos devout got here on July 24, 1847. (Read back for my actual reverence and admiration for my ancestors who did that. They had moxy! And conviction is commendable, even if it’s not your own.) In the morning there’s your standard parade, with “wards” (divisions by area) competing with some impressive floats. It’s a common tradition for families to camp overnight on the best parade viewing spot, often the same one for generations. At night, the ex-patriates and “never-was”s among us carouse.

The real reason I’m writing is that I’m so excited! Tonight, I’m FINALLY going out with this guy I’ve been into for a year. A solid year, people! We met the first weekend of August last year and every time we’ve seen each other since, it’s been our own kind of fireworks. But we can never get it together. One or the other of us has had to cancel. For a year! It’s taken so long, I still feel like it’s not really going to happen. But it is. He just confirmed. And it’s mere hours away! I’m so excited!

The OkCupid experiment was fun. I went out with 3 guys. One was a psycho; One was a great dater but not *sigh,* and the last was just… Been there done that. I’m over it. I’m ready to go out with someone I know I like. I’m so excited!

(Ha! One was completely forgettable – I went out with 4 OkCupideers!)

Tonight, we go to my cousin’s famous 24th of July “Utah’s Other Pioneers” party. There’s a taco cart in the drive and probably a [left] political candidate, with elections this year. I’m LEDhooping! Fireworks are across the street at Liberty Park. Maybe I’ll get to kiss under a glittering explosion or two. Or ten.