I’m Ready For My Wrist To Get Better

I’ve had it!

For various reasons, all of my Saturdays have been taken since Jan 28th. Naturally, I was hungry and happy to get back to African dance today. In that last class in January, and the week before, I noticed I had a hard time getting myself up off the floor. Any weight on my left wrist and, ouch!, I’d drop right back on my tush.

Today, by damn, I was going to class. A girl danced on a cast on her ankle once, for heaven’s sake. She looked a glorious fool, and good for her! I would stop by the pharmacy for a wrist brace after class… except I couldn’t even pull the blanket off of myself this morning without screaming out in pain. Grumble, grumble, a cranky way to rise. So I didn’t. I went back to sleep.

I’m cross.

I’ll get my wrist brace Monday, and possibly make an appointment with my doc about old age and rheumatism. I have to see her about my thyroid again anyway. Waaa. Grrr.

My wrist hurts. You are spared my characteristic long-windedness. I can’t even complain!

“The morning breezes have secrets to tell you: do not go back to sleep.” -Rumi

Another day, my Sufi brother.