What Happened?

Maybe writing is like reading: Stop doing it for awhile, and years later you find you just… stopped. That happened to me after I finished my English degree. I was so burned out I said, “I’m not reading again until I feel like it!”

Five years later, I realized I hadn’t read a book in 5 years! I never did “feel” like it, just had to do it. I love to read. I can’t believe how easy it was to forget.

So much has happened, too. Like real, cool stuff to write about, beyond my trademark ramblings and wonderings. I took 2 of the best trips of my life. PORTLAND – reconnecting with an old friend – and ESCALANTE/GRAND STAIRCASE – reconnecting with the Earth and my feet on it! (I needed that after Spain 2 years ago, and Texas and New York last year. I was beginning to think I can’t do this travel thing.)

Ha! I still don’t feel like writing. Suffice that they were awesome trips, full of beauty, joy, magic, adventure, bravery, success, and fun. Now, see pics:

Sat. May 21, 2016

Young redhead in braids at Portland’s Redhead Event


I made hoops. They were a huge hit!


We had to bring a childhood pic to be counted. (We were far short of the World Record, but 600+ are more ginge than I’ve enjoyed!) May 21, 2016


ROJO came to the Redhead Fest! I’ve been in love with him since I saw him on Unlikely Animal Friends on Nat Geo. I almost started crying! I fan-girled OUT.

Rojo the Llama of Mountain Peaks Therapy Llamas and Alpacas

lara and me

International Rose Test Garden with old friend, Lara, who was such a warm and gracious host. It was such a fun, comfortable visit. I began to have travel anxiety when I realized, “No, I’m safe. I just have to ask for what I need.” She was so non-judgy and nice to me!

japanese garden

Japanese Garden, where I became convinced that Portland is a land of fairies under a green canopy, where the Mother breathes and loves and pulses and heals. My friend Renae told me to expect a transformation!

ross island

Ross Island in the Willamette River… This is bikeable green space IN the metropolis! I rode 8+ miles my first day.


calf creek falls

Lower Calf Creek Falls

slot canyon



boulder ut

Boulder, UT, is a funky artist/outdoorfolk enclave.



Oh, and a quick weekend at my roommate’s family lodge in Wyoming! June 2016lodgepond

black's fork

Black’s Fork River only crosses the property three times, but it splits off into so many tributaries that I felt like I crossed it a dozen times!

old schoolhouse

Old schoolhouse


Roomie on a Rope Swing


I struggled on my dismount and went for a swim!


That Helped

I snapped out of my malaise a day or 2 after I wrote about it. I can’t imagine it was that cathartic to get it out, particularly when I never achieved any understanding or epiphany – you know how I am – but it was such a long, persistent period of ennui, it seems significant that it lifted at all. I firmly believe in complaining.

And I’m so excited for Hottie Hoop Camp!!! I’ll be in Texas in less than 3 weeks!

I’m going to buy my first polypro! I’m bringing a few didjboxes; A girl there has a son who’s a musician and plays the didgeridoo.

I can’t wait to see the baby!!! A whole week of baby!

Beach! Mansion on stilts on beach! BABES ONLY! hottiehoopcamp.com


I confess I find myself in a malaise this 3rd WordPress anniversary.

I’m struck by thoughts of “Too late, ” “What’s the point?” and, generally, “Meh.” I catch myself in fantasies of my 20s, thinking what I might have done if I knew then what I know now. It’s such a useless enterprise, and yet I find myself perpetually there. I think, “Well, start now!” See above.

This “blah” has been sitting on me all year. I was waiting to get depressed. When that didn’t happen, I waited to snap out of it. Neither so far.

I’ve tried 3 times now to write something meaningful or interesting in any particular on this blogiversary. The truth will have to suffice.

Having said that, I am looking forward to Hottie Hoop Camp next month. I thrive in the classroom, and I’m excited about the possibility of unlocking this brainfreeze I’ve been stuck in (for years) with my hooping. I’m so ready for a lengthy visit with my best friend. She moved last summer, and I really feel the lack of her in this blasé phasé.

The End

Feeling Fifteen

Generally, I’ve inured myself to the soul-crushing endlessness of empty hours. I long ago left behind the guilt of non-productivity. I’ve begged to take on menial tasks to fill mindless hours and free some up for others who aren’t the definition of government waste. They know I’m available, wishing to do more/know more. In the meantime, I’ve watched more hula hoop videos in the last three months than ought to be allowed. (I picked up two new tricks this summer!) I’m even, gulp, sucked into Pinterest.

Work is not a chore.
Work is a bore.

And then… my co-worker talked me into installing Instant Messenger. She’d been trying to get me to start a conversation, but we sit next to each other. Why do I need an instant message? (Oh! Happiest of updates! I’m not alone up here with the old woman! I have a buffer!) (And, yes, they hired another person, when I’ve been begging for things to do.) She could not be made to understand my inability to understand our need for IM, so yesterday I finally caved. The tech who installed it immediately began messaging me. 🙂

We’ve been “noticing” and grinning at each other every time we pass in the halls since I started here in April. We exchange pleasantries, with flirtatious intention, when I deliver mail. He’s smart and funny, a little cocky. I’m too flustered and blushing to stick around for anything more. We’re going out tomorrow.


I asked my co-worker to watch the phones for a sec while I took one of our volunteers to the backyard. “I’m helping [Jane] reclaim her childhood,” I told her. It’s what I say to adults who get in on the spin.

Then I thought, “Wait. Wham-O didn’t mass-market the hoop until the 50s. This wasn’t [Jane]’s childhood!” Well, that was my first sale to an octogenarian. 🙂

Happy Pioneer Day!

It’s a Mormon thing. Ironically, it involves a lot of beer. Brigham Young and the other weirdos devout got here on July 24, 1847. (Read back for my actual reverence and admiration for my ancestors who did that. They had moxy! And conviction is commendable, even if it’s not your own.) In the morning there’s your standard parade, with “wards” (divisions by area) competing with some impressive floats. It’s a common tradition for families to camp overnight on the best parade viewing spot, often the same one for generations. At night, the ex-patriates and “never-was”s among us carouse.

The real reason I’m writing is that I’m so excited! Tonight, I’m FINALLY going out with this guy I’ve been into for a year. A solid year, people! We met the first weekend of August last year and every time we’ve seen each other since, it’s been our own kind of fireworks. But we can never get it together. One or the other of us has had to cancel. For a year! It’s taken so long, I still feel like it’s not really going to happen. But it is. He just confirmed. And it’s mere hours away! I’m so excited!

The OkCupid experiment was fun. I went out with 3 guys. One was a psycho; One was a great dater but not *sigh,* and the last was just… Been there done that. I’m over it. I’m ready to go out with someone I know I like. I’m so excited!

(Ha! One was completely forgettable – I went out with 4 OkCupideers!)

Tonight, we go to my cousin’s famous 24th of July “Utah’s Other Pioneers” party. There’s a taco cart in the drive and probably a [left] political candidate, with elections this year. I’m LEDhooping! Fireworks are across the street at Liberty Park. Maybe I’ll get to kiss under a glittering explosion or two. Or ten.