How We Cope

First, all life is adaptive. This is Survival 101. Coping is a kind of adaptation. We do it as surely as we breathe.

Next, we each come with our own distinct natures, strengths and weaknesses. For me, gratitude is capricious; indignation, insistent… but so is dogged determination.

Ultimately, choice is how we cope. “It’s a choice. It’s a choice that you can make. This can be a cue for meltdown or a cue for coping.” -Dr. Phil

It’s hard for me to choose grace. Sometimes, knowing the task is mine alone to accept, forgive, and love unconditionally pisses me off. So sometimes I take the day off. But I always get back on that goddamned horse. As for nightmares? Well, you wake up.

Finally, Spring is balm to a savage soul. Thank god for fine weather this week and the freedom to be out sweating, chasing pockets of cold air, giggling as I pedal through downpours of fragrant falling petals.

“If your strife strikes at your sleep, remember that Spring swaps snow for leaves.” -Mumford & Sons