Pet Psychic

What a wonderful experience! I’m so glad I did it.

Yes, Penny rules the house. She considers herself the Keeper of the Grounds. She walks the entirety of the place a couple of times each day to sweep the energy – except for Jax’s bathroom. (Danielle accurately saw that she surveys almost every room.) It’s her job to “keep the floors clean energetically.”

I’ve felt Penny’s magic from the start. One of her first nicknames was Magicat. I’ve referred to her as The Queen (and myself as Serving Wench). She was always in charge.

Cricket was the Court Jester. She was such a silly kitten. Now she is a Lady. I met her regal nature on Friday!

I asked the psychic¬†to check in with her, because I can’t hear her like I can Penny. I almost cried when Danielle tapped into her gentleness, her beautiful softness. I felt her sweetness. My heart has burned in my chest with love for her many times, but to finally feel an energetic connection with her was so rewarding and so intimate.

Cricket told Danielle I was a good mom. She calls me Mother. ūüôā

I invested in the session to work out Penny’s territorial issues with Oliver and his litter box, but the most gratifying connection was with Cricket’s sensitivity. She asked for fresh flowers in our bedroom.

She’s very happy with the space, which I sensed and asked about. Danielle accurately described our room(s) as spacious and filled with light. Cricket even showed her an old apartment for comparison. I called that poky hall The Rail Car, and Danielle rightly saw it as narrow and dark. All but one of my plants died there.

Now I have 17 thriving green things throughout the sunroom and house, and a daffodil from our yard on the dresser in my¬†Cricket’s room, which houses “everything her heart desires,” including her food.¬†My Little Fatty¬†showed the psychic FOOD!CRICKAs for Penny using Ollie’s box, I had a feeling… I sorta knew… No, I knew… I gave her permission to tell on me, and she did. Penny told Danielle that it wasn’t about disrespecting Ollie but about a clean box. He usually goes outside, so why not use his? It’s always empty.

I feel so guilty! I feel like a schmuck even feeling guilty. It didn’t motivate me to properly honor them with a clean box. I would go days sometimes without scooping! For eleven years, I have made the empty promise every time I started over with fresh litter, “I swear I’ll clean it every day from now on! You deserve better than this!” And I never did it.

Now I clean 2 boxes every single day. Witness. (I added a box for Pen in the spare room.)


I was delighted when Ollie asked Danielle to call him Oliver, preferring the formal since he doesn’t know her. I find that so charming.

I laughed and laughed and laughed when Danielle revealed that Penny owns me. We were talking with Cricket about the possibility of spending more time in the greater house. She revealed her belief that she’s not welcome. “Penny doesn’t want me out there.” Cricket’s fine with that, but Danielle checked in with Penny at that point to ask how she would feel about Cricket coming out more often. She said, “She’s nice but, see, I own mom.”

It’s true! Whenever I sweet-talk Cricket or brush her, wherever Penny is in the house she comes running. “Right one cue! Can’t have a minute with someone other than you!”

Of course, I thought it was the sweetest thing in the world to belong to her – she has my heart – but Danielle revealed that whenever an animal tells her that, it’s more like a dog owning a bone. Now we have an opportunity to develop a deeper spiritual connection. I’ve been asking Penny¬†since Friday to please consider seeing me as her partner and equal. I believe that we can love each other even better when she lets herself respect me as a being and not an object.

That being said, she did show Danielle how affectionate she is and said she was a “very good friend to [me].” She is.

Thank you, Danielle! What an honor to connect so deeply with my beloved girls.
Insight With Animals


Karel at Peace With My Life posted “Finding Solutions” yesterday. I read it after I’d already ranted over here. She helped me remember that I’m perfectly fine being perfectly human, and that solutions will present themselves whether I want to wallow in awful or not.

In her blog, Karel has written much about animal communication sessions she does with Danielle Tremblay at Insight With Animals. I’ve always wanted to do it, but couldn’t justify such an expense. She recommended it to me, though, and today it just felt like the right thing to do. Odd, since I’m still having security anxiety, which always reduces to money (even though I don’t really think that’s what it’s about).

So I did it! I’ve signed up for a 15 minute session over the phone on Friday!

When I’m feeling down like I was yesterday, my beliefs – ¬†angels, repeating numbers, psychic phenomena – become laughable and I’m just stupid, but even if this woman can’t help the cats in our home, it worked because I feel better. I’m so excited!

And whadya know? Instantly, I came up with a solution I couldn’t see yesterday. I’m adding a litter box to the spare room. Perhaps Penny will feel like she gets to “break the rules” by using a box other than her own, and she won’t have to share with Stinky Cricket, bless her, who doesn’t cover her contributions.

This will make a difference, I know it, and so will our session on Friday.

Therapy Cat

Years ago, I saw a news piece on a nursing home with cats in residence, who brought comfort and companionship just by living their lives and roaming the halls. Nurses reported an uncanny feline ability to partner someone as they passed. It was not at all unusual for a cat to remain with a patient for hours and, in some cases, days.

The first thing I thought when I visited my facility in October was, “Oh! This place could use some cats!” You see, I visit a clinic that is, sadly, rather a dumping ground for those who have no one. Often, they are¬†wards of the state. In fact, oddly enough, Nevada sends some of its patients to Utah to die. I never understood that while I¬†worked¬†in hospice, but it’s a common¬†treatment of their indigent and terminal. Heartbreaking, no?

As I said, “This place could use some cats!”

I was visiting with [Joan] today and I’ll be damned if a cat didn’t walk in! “Well, hello!”

He was chatty and curious and just beautiful, with brown,¬†cream, and copper markings interrupted by the odd white dab on his boots and muzzle, and a freckle on his lip. He hopped right on the bed, greeted me affectionately, then settled in.¬†If I spoke to him, he answered. He allowed no more than three-four strokes at a time, preferring his independence and gently making it known. He just hangs out in my¬†patient’s room every now and then.¬†I’m thrilled.¬†

I’m so glad she was moved down the hall. I’m sure that catfellow visits because it’s quiet and undisturbed. Her roommate blared the TV all day. Now I play classical and/or instrumental music and sit with her in peace.

Best of all?¬†My gal’s¬†eyes were open today! “[Joan]…?” I said, incredulous.

“Yes, dear,” she answered in that thick New England accent, as though we hadn’t skipped a beat. There you are!

Oh, she had me laughing so hard today! She was really sharp, and sharp-tongued. She’s delightful company.¬†We talked about animals and angels. I’d been missing her.

Animals and Angels

Wow. I had a dream several weeks ago that¬†my friend¬†told me his dog, Remschi, had died. I ran into him in town today and asked how he was doing. “Not good,” he answered. “My neighbors poisoned my dog.”

I stopped by his place and understood immediately that the dog wouldn’t make it. My friend was not well. Emotional and spent from caring for a dog who could not recover, he paced and panicked and paced. Every time he left the room, I thanked Rem for his life and service. “You had a special calling and you served well. You should be very proud. Thank you for bringing him comfort,¬†purpose,¬†and joy. You can go now. You can leave your pain. You don’t have to stay. Beautiful boy. Love him from over there.”

My friend told me that Remshi died hours after I left. I shared my conversation with the dog, apologizing that I’d given him permission to go.

“Well, it’s good you did,” my friend conceded. “I was begging him to stay.”

“I knew you were. Humans stay for their loved ones, too. Of course, you know he’s still with you.”

“I know!” My friend became very excited and shared several dreams he’s had in which he and his dog can now speak. Just then, I remembered another dream I had, days after my visit. I dreamed I was sitting on my friend’s couch. He walked in the door. Remschi followed, thin but smiling and well. “Rem,” I cried, “You’re not dead!”

(I said the exact same thing to Jeffrey two weeks after he died!)

I woke up confused because I knew that dog was going to pass. “Hm,” I thought then. “Maybe he’s recovering.” I recognize now that Rem came to me himself to let me know that, sure enough, he’s right there in step with the companion who needs him.

I felt honored. I felt humble. I felt like the angels invited me to help a servant home.

My friend is at peace, happy that his beloved service dog is no longer in pain.

Our Animals Do Important Work

I’m at my desk – running behind,¬†can’t stay long – doing data entry in the Bereavement Log. “Social Worker spoke with husband, who verbalized feelings of loss and loneliness. He struggles to enjoy activities he used to share with wife. Family got him a cat to keep him company.” I¬†began to cry. You know me.

Penny Chose Me

The Girls

8 years ago, a cat came into my life and changed¬†it forever. I’m so grateful. Shortly after Penny’s birth, another cat in that friend’s house had her litter. (The friend¬†then attended to their reproductive safety.) From her came Cricket, whose name I’ve always regretted, though she’s so wonderfully “Crick.” If you knew her, you’d understand. I love my cat babies more than most everything. Not absolutely everything, but most of it. Prrr…

Pretty Penny Cat

Big Fat Belly Cat

Big Fat Belly Cat

Thanks you, angels.