2020 Vision

It seems fairly evident that as I age, my glasses will get more fun, bold, and outrageous. In my 80s, I’m gonna be that Iris Apfel, gorgeous, walking fashion icon. Hm. Perhaps it’s time to rethink my dungarees… Til then, spotty specs! >^..^<

new glasses

Hindsight 2020!


Inspired Costuming



Phil and I went to San Francisco and I came home inspired! We attended their Burning Man Decompression. Decompression is where the good people who revel in the desert get together post-burn to bond and party, to share stories from the “playa,” as it’s called. Or Black Rock City, the fifth largest city in Nevada for the week of our festival. Salt Lake City’s Utah Decompression was the following weekend, last weekend. You follow.

I made my entire outfit – vest, hat, bustle – in a day and a half. Then I put it on and walked out the door. Just like that! I even bedazzled a cool fedora for Phil. We were super sexy and cute. I even stitched the leafy “feathers” that adorn my shoulder shrug and chapeau!

photos courtesty Rudy van Bree

Brazilian pilot, not Phil. 🙂

Little Big Town

I like this shot. Tomas punched up the reds and the alley suggests urban texture, maybe even grittiness. It’s like a trick: The small town plays metro but acts like a cozy, safe village, the place where home is, your family, your heart.

Another secret is that tall shoes tell tall lies and puffy new dresses hide the truth.

I’m very clever about keeping secrets. Oh, wait.

“Red Shoe Diaries,” he titled it.