Oh Happy Day!

Cricket stabilized!

Happy summer! My little black magicat is healthy again!

Five was the magic number. I knew it almost immediately. Something about the way she moved was… brighter, stronger. I really can’t say what it was, but I knew. I started asking her 2 days after another insulin increase,”Was 5 the magic number? Are you all better? I think it is! Five is the magic number!”

By the time her next expensive appointment rolled around (every 2 weeks for 2 months!), I wasn’t as sure. She’s still drinking a massive amount of water. Despite that, her glucose is in the healthy range, and we are left with instructions to watch her and test again in 6 months.

The vet said she was feisty today, hooray! She has fight, energy, spirit! Now Cricket hisses when they poke her, but she still purrs as soon as she’s petted. She’s the sweetest kitty in the world, and she’s healthy!

Happy day! Happy summer!

Oh my gosh! It’s Penny birthday today! She’s 14. Cricket will be, too, on Sept. 11th.

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