Girls Weekend

The girls and I went for a soak in the mineral baths of Lava Hot Springs. There was a big pagan Fire and Ice Festival and I gotta say, those Idahoans can spin! There was one guy on a rolling fire staff who was as good as any I’ve seen. Before the show, the entire ensemble climbed all the way up the mountain face and lit up to alert the crowd downtown: The night has begun!

It was steep up there! From below, it looked like they were stacked one on top of the other. And how the hell did they get up there in the dark? It was really cool.

Natalia is a newer friend through my friend of a few years, Amber. My god, she makes me laugh! I haven’t laughed like that since my bestie Jordan moved 2 and-a-half years ago. Angie is Amber’s twin, and the four of us had our own private geothermal tub fenced inside a patio off our hotel room. We danced, drank, skinny-dipped and laughed for days.

Natalia and I got talking about being roommates in Portland. One of the reasons I wanted to move was to save money, and splitting costs in Portland would be pricey, but the idea is holding my interest. I visited Portland for the first time almost 2 years ago, and wanted to move there immediately. I asked my friend then, “How can I know if I’d tolerate the weather?” Her answer was that I’d just have to try it for a year.

I’d certainly invest in a therapy lamp. Anyway, lots to consider as I continue to dream and refine my intention for the move in October. Methinks a decision ought to be secure by the end of March. Six months will go fast!

Ahhh. Great weekend. Great girls.natalia and methe girls