Love Is Stronger Than Hate

This was a gathering to tell those who feel targeted, marginalized, and afraid that they are cared for and embraced. It was so healing for me.

I was disappointed by how many detractors appeared on the event’s page. As you know, I’m not afraid of anger or opposed to its expression, but I cannot believe how cruel and ugly people can be. For heaven’s sake, let us love each other. You don’t have to play.

I successfully thanked one such troll for his opinion, and politely ended a hateful conversation. (Well, he continued. I didn’t.) I want my gold star!march-for-love
We marched downtown from the Capitol and back. It was such a beautiful, warm sunny day. Feedback felt great, from traffic and passers-by on foot. So nice to be met with smiles, support, and unity.



I love her beaming face!

I think it’s never a bad idea to combat some of the hate-flooding that is our new normal with a big dose of nothing but love, for no other reason than love. And this was much more than that. This was a clear message to those who have been injured by the rhetoric of this President-elect, that they matter. They’re not alone. They’re supported by neighbors. Hope is not lost. Kindness still lives. We will get through this. YOU ARE LOVED.


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