Hate-Mongering and the Homo

LDS Church launches ‘Gay and Mormon’ website; advises faith, celibacy

*surprise, surprise*


Elder L. Whitney Clayton, of The Brethren, offers yet more self-righteous platitudes about not acting on same-sex “impulses.”


I almost never comment on inflammatory social media blurbs, but this is the thrust of the problem in my particular religious community, and I feel a whole lot of cursing coming on. Instead, I just said this:

“cuz that’ll solve the misunderstanding, self-and-OTHER-loathing, and suicide rampant in our culture as a result of ‘love the sinner/hate the sin’ rhetoric”

It’ll be buried in a barrage of so-much-nothingness, but I have the satisfaction of saying my piece, for what it’s worth… not much when you consider that the #1 risk of death for children in Utah is suicide, and, like, 90% of those are gay.


Mormon Church, knock it off or shut the fuck up!


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