Sick Cat

I can’t handle the anxiety of injured pets!

A couple of weeks ago, my roommate’s messy cat got egg on his face that would not wash off, so I trimmed his fur. He didn’t wince one bit, but apparently I nicked his skin just a little. I didn’t notice until a couple of days later, when I found a tiny dry spot that looked like it could be an old scab. It was tiny.

Today, I got home and his poor head was just oozing. I cleaned him up, but it’s positively running down his face. I can’t keep up with it. I’m sick! I’ve never felt so guilty!

I feel like bawling.

I sold my ticket to a weekend desert party and made an emergency appointment for tomorrow morning. I’m so glad I was running late! If I’d left when I meant to, I would have missed it altogether.

I can’t say how awful I feel. I’m so upset. None of my previous cat misadventures prepared me for this. Cricket’s health has been the source of so much worry and heartache, but I never caused her pain. I just feel terrible.

6 thoughts on “Sick Cat

  1. Sounds miserable for you both. I’m so sorry. My husband bought spoon scissors for all pet trimming to prevent similar problems. Of corse, the pets don’t like scissors of any kind. I’m amazed the cat let you do a trim and you didn’t need stitches. You’re getting treatment for Kitty. It will all work out. Just give him some love- I’m sure he doesn’t hold this against you!

    • yeah, they were pet scissors. i just got too close. it’s just breaking my heart. i never felt so bad in all my life! and he’s so sweet and good. it hurts, he whines, but he doesn’t claw me or fight. he’s so gentle. *sigh*

  2. you did not mean it and you are doing your best to control it. so I hope you will feel a little bit better about yourself. cats and animals are so amazing and when they get hurt the guilt we feel is tremendous. I hope you will find some relief soon, so will be the kitty. you are a good person, otherwise you would not care this much. best

    • thank you! i know it was an accident, but i can hardly handle how awful i feel! both my roommate and his cat are being sweet about it, and he’ll be all better soon. 🙂

  3. Feeling bad does not help in his situation. Shit happens and you are already doing your best to help the cat. Be gentle with yourself as well! ♡♡♡

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