Remove My Skin!


Months ago, I saw a homeopath. I stopped going when he revealed himself to be a Trump zealot. Like, would not shut up about what nice guy Trump “actually” is.

“I’ve met him and…” blah blah blah, he bragged. There it is. Cult of celebrity and hollow name-dropping. I imagine he attended some big event that Our National Shame lent his corrupt brand to.

“I’m sure he’s lovely,” I snarked back. “I’m sure he respects women and people of color, and everything he says to the contrary is all in good fun.”


“Okay! Can we get back to my health now?”

Orange-faced people aside, this homeopath was of the opinion that orange-haired people don’t metabolize sulfur. While I’ve never been successful at any diet, I did quit coffee, which is among the worst sulfur offenders. Well, Thursday, it was rainy and cold, and nothing sounded better than jammies and java. I went back on the bean.

Two days later, my skin started crawling! I cannot stop scratching!!! I’m in HELL!

I think I can say that I’ve successfully experienced elimination testing. I AM DYING! My eyeballs hurt. The insides of my ears itch! I can feel every single hair! (I had another bout of trichotillomania and tore out chunks of eyelash. Just last week, I was remarking how long my lashes were. I couldn’t recall the last time I pulled at them. Presumably, when I last drank coffee.)

Tear my flesh from my bones! It itches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 thoughts on “Remove My Skin!

    • I wasn’t sorry to give up on homeopathy. It was very expensive. I’ve regretted throwing away all that money, so it was actually kind of affirming to get the result I did. I guess I started drinking coffee so young that my body was able to fight the inflammation better? It was a shocking experience, nearly overnight. I’m a little uncomfortable still today, but nothing like yesterday. Phew! It’s so funny that I didn’t notice that the itching had stopped until I got it back. I used to complain about it all the time!

      • What I discovered with my body is that I was so messed up eating things that caused pain and inflammation that I felt bad all the time. I had to eliminate all of those before I could tell when I ate something I was sensitive to. Now, it is very clear, but before, there was so much background noise that it just overwhelmed the dissonant song of one irritant. So it sounds like you are more clear now!

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