Drum #2

I didn’t know my first drum would earn the name Beginner’s Luck until I made this beast!drum-2
I spent 4 and 1/2 hours yesterday performing paint-removal surgery!

I have to say as much as I disliked it in the beginning, it’s growing on me somewhat. I’m learning the fewer the colors, the better. Next, I’m going to stay mostly in the same neighborhood of the rainbow and, except for the center, I want each color to relate closely to the one next to it. Words can’t capture how much I hate that blue border against the yellow. I was going to do light pink, but made the mistake of asking my roommate’s opinion. I tried to soften it with the dots, which made the whole thing just … so many dots… and not much other detail.

I do love my signature leaves, though, and that bursting sunflower fairly dances! And I imagine someone might consider the stark contrast of the border the very thing they love.

I’m proud of it, and I love to do it! I’ve never had the experience of disliking the product of a creative endeavor, while still valuing the time I spent with it. Ordinarily, a huge sense of failure, worthlessness, heartache, and anger accompany any result that doesn’t match my imagination. I feel like my time was wasted. I feel like a waste! I feel like an idiot. I feel like a tinkerer who fills empty hours with stupid crafts.

This is like nothing I’ve done before. I can’t get enough! I want to paint every minute. I want to meet the personality of each new mandala, even if I don’t prefer it. The fact that I can make money coloring is something I would never have believed or sought out myself. To piggy-back on another artist’s success is such an enormous freebie! My friend spent decades courting and fostering professional relationships, and now has a network of shops all over the country that can’t keep his drums on the shelf.

To dabble and play at his trade until I found my niche, for FREE, with no risk, is too much to ask of good fortune. I am so lucky!

10″ hand drum with mallet


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