I’m A Karmi!

That’s what they call the volunteers at Salt Lake Power Yoga. 🙂

Now I can practice for free, in exchange for reliably working my single Saturday shift. I’m feeling stronger. (I don’t need a nap after every class.) Perhaps soon, I’ll try 3 weekly sessions again and see how I tolerate it.

For the time being, however, I’m going to leave everything the same to watch for any result after my first homeopathy consult!

Many of you know that I have Fibromyalgia. One year ago exactly, it changed from something I could live with to a monster that stole my life. I’ve been in agony – as much from fear as from discomfort.

Years ago, my cousin recommended Salt Lake Homeopathy, where she found relief from Fibro. She now considers herself cured. I was leery of some stranger’s version of the right snake oil, and I didn’t really believe that Fibromyalgia was a thing. Even after getting it, I continued to fight with Imposter Syndrome. I’m just a faker, a baby, a complainer. It’s just in my head. I want to be sick, so I am. Get up, Lazy! Everyone has aches and pains.

Recently, a synchronistic turns of events put this clinic back in my mind as an option. I decided to take a leap of faith.

So far, all I can say is… weird and wow. This homeopathic guy did muscle testing, and for every bug he found – literally, I’m crawling – he described my symptoms perfectly.

“This hurts here and here… ”

“Uh huh.”

“Do your eyes sweat?”

“YES!!!” (Every time I did yoga for the first 2 months, my eyes would water all day as if I was crying. Not a little irritation and weepiness, but full-on tearshed! All day.)

“You don’t remember your dreams, do you?” He wasn’t asking. 

“How do you know that?!”

“[This bug] takes your dreams. But the ones you do remember are prophetic.”

Here’s a link to the last dream I remember, in January: Wingspan.

He told me how I sleep – I mean, the positions I toss to and from – and how I function during the day (no energy at all, deplete and incapable of movement). He knew every nuance of every ache, dull or sharp, the minutia. He knew me.

“In other generations, they would have called you a Witch. You’d be the kind of woman who loves to dance around the campfire naked.”

“I’ve done that! I have a great group of ladies. We call ourselves Women Who Dance With Wolves.”

“You can still enjoy it,” he said, “but let’s get it in balance.” 🙂

So I sat in an electric zapper bed and killed off parasites. Now I have several weeks of drinking bitter tinctures and herbs. Then we can move onto some mineral deficiencies and phase-in good vitamins that aren’t made from GMO corn in a factory in China.

I think this is going to work! I’m encouraged and excited.

Now excuse me, please, while I kill tapeworms.


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