I Forgot Again!

I locked my keys in the car for a second time in 3 weeks!

At least there’s a method to my madness, irritating though it may be. It took a second lockout to get it. Having been chauffeured for the last decade, I only had to worry about throwing down gas money and not how to get back in the car.

Whenever I go camping, hiking, anywhere I don’t want to carry my purse, I have to take special care to see keys in hand when I lock up. I stopped at Crystal Hot Springs yesterday on my way home from Idaho and didn’t think of getting back in the car until I took a few steps and decided to go back for lip balm. Doh!

The locksmith was quick and cheap – and covered by insurance – so I wasn’t delayed too long getting into the highest mineral content waters in the world. Aaah…


It was such a great visit! My nephews are the cutest! I played for 2 days straight with the 2-year-old, and cuddled the 1-year-old during movies I hadn’t seen in decades, “Monsters, Inc.” and “Finding Nemo.”

I’m pretty sure the neighbors were glad when I left. I brought my drums. 🙂

My sister and 2 nieces were there. They’re always fun to tease and the little boys adore them. I love my family when Melanie’s husband isn’t around.

While we colored eggs, my dad and brother got talking politics in a nearby room (i.e. denigrating Democrats and the President). “Obama is an amazing leader…” I hollered, “who would serve this country and the world in ways you couldn’t imagine if the Republicans wouldn’t block him at every turn just for the sake of tanking his Presidency!” [and who has accomplished great things in spite of their efforts]

They razzed me with no acrimony and my niece asked, incredulous, “You like Obama?”

“I absolutely do!”

During clean-up, I found a forgotten egg. Dark as the dye could stain, it emerged clear as day – no need for adjustment, a message arose from the ether – “Obama blows.” I belly-laughed, hard, and praised my brother’s forbearance.

“I could never hold out that long for pay off. Well done!”


Obama rocks.


3 thoughts on “I Forgot Again!

    • oh brother! it helped to recognize it as a trend for purse-less activities. i’m rather obsessed with having my purse on me at all times, like, touching me. when i go out, it sits on my lap. now it’s marked in my brain – KEY! KEY! KEY! – for those occasions when i forego that ritual comfort.

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