A Little Warmer

My house is still cold, but we had a last push of blessed heat for a gorgeous Fall weekend that knocked me somewhat out of my indulgent stupor.

There are solutions. I’m joining warm yoga! It’s 90 degrees and gentle, for all ages and ability levels. Bikram (104 degrees) is way to too yang for me, very powerful, demanding. It simply is not the program for this body.

Better still, the introductory rate is $39 for one month, unlimited. If I find it to be a match, I can “volunteer,” with a regular schedule like any part-time job, to continue my practice for FREE!!! Waaaaaarm.

Drumming is wonderful, as ever, and this session introduced me to a couple new fellows – the best drummers in the class – who regard me either as a little sister or one of the guys. We raz the hell out of each other! They’re really upping my game. I’m determined to match them.

I find myself restored to young Christie. I’m reminded of my first quarter of college in a 2-month outdoor classroom called Expedition. I was quickly assigned to the group our leader called “The Racehorses,” and made a goal to be the first girl at every peak and valley (Mt. Borah, the highest in Idaho, and The Grand Canyon, for example). Right from the start, my place in the pack put me in direct competition with a classmate from high school. The same 4 guys were always ahead of us in some order, but it was between him and me who’d come in 5th and 6th.

It’s nice to be invigorated again. I know this is going to be a mild winter, bad news for our water table in a desert state with the second highest hydro-demand in the country, but good news for Fairweather Folk like me.

QiWorks Community Acupuncture is offering sessions at $10 for the entire month of November! I’ve been meaning to return to the practice, the most helpful thing I’ve found for relief from Fibromyalgia, but just never got around to it with the move and go, go, go of the last couple of months. And now it’s even cheaper! It’s like the Universe is hugging me at just the right time.

And finally, my housemate – the best since Amy in 1998 – will cover my sunroom windows with plastic, and I will survive. I always do. Calm down, Little Firebrand.


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