Progress Check

I was supposed to go to yoga yesterday. I was excited to keep up the momentum, but this new job triggered a bout of insomnia unusual to me. I get them, but typically I can kick it in a day or 2 and get back on schedule. This time, though, this fibro flare put its 2 cents in, and stress and discomfort conspired to keep me awake.

My pain perks up at bedtime, it seems. Skin-crawling, jaw-clenching, aching pain. It’s pretty distracting, but not too worrisome since I’ve put a program in place that’s already showing that it means to succeed. I have total confidence I can quiet this down and live with the ebb and flow of this disease.

Now if I could just quiet my mind.

I haven’t slept much in a week-and-a-half and by yesterday evening, I was so tired and spun, I wrote an entire set for my stand-up act. I have to check the Off Broadway comedy club on Main to see if there’s an open mic night now. Seems I’m a comic.

So it’s been a nice, pleasant little buzz of the mood and I slept like a baby last night. (“Shit yourself and rolled over in it?”) Today, I’m sleepy and feeling right on track.


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