I can’t believe how immediately effective it was!
The pain’s not completely gone, but the most debilitating layer is. I can breathe!

More importantly, listing works! Write it down, it gets done.

Yoga is on Wednesday. (Yin, restorative, very gentle for middle-aged, achy lady.)

I’m a rockstar!

My only concern is this:
I found this AWESOME company, QiWorks, that offers acupuncture on a sliding scale. Their philosophy is so inspiring and refreshing: They want people to know how beneficial acupuncture is, and we can’t if it’s cost-prohibitive.

Well, naturally, there isn’t such a place in Pocatello. There’s only one licensed acupuncturist. I imagine supply-and-demand will dictate high prices.

Anyway… I’ll worry about that later. I did it!


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