Camp Merveilles

Hooray, hooray! Camp Merveilles!

I did it, I don’t care. 41 was a year of total fiscal irresponsibility. I thought the spending spree would end with my month-long voyage to TX and NYC, but I got home and decided that I must participate in Utah’s premiere African Drum and Dance conference!

My body still works and, by damn, I’m dancing until I can’t anymore! I’ve been in this community for 5+ years now, and I’d never forgive myself if I didn’t send it off with this camp. If I were just dancing I might talk myself out of it but, having found my true love in drumming, I have an opportunity to study with the best of the diaspora! This is a rare and humbling opportunity that I also see as a farewell to Salt Lake, since I’m soon(ish) to leave this home I love. Camp was inexpensive, or would be if I hadn’t just put myself in thousands of dollars of debt, ha. But guess what? I’ve never done that. I’ll recover. And I don’t have kids to put in braces, college, or therapy so I DO WHAT I WANT!

Hooray, hooray! Camp Merveilles! merveilles utah

I’m so proud of my little city. More than ever, I appreciate my community. If someone we don’t know comes around our fire, we say hello and ask them who and how they are. We give everyone the chance to be known. This isn’t some glossed-over, fawning endorsement; I can honestly say of my Chosen Family that there are no snobs. If someone new stands outside the center, someone in it will make sure they know they’re welcome there. We allow everyone until they tell us not to. I love my people.

With that… happy birthday to me!

Hey, hey! 42! You know what you gotta do!

Spend responsibly. *grumble, grumble*



I’ve decided that “It was fun ’til 41” was a year of rebellion. (“Oh, yeah? Watch me live recklessly! I’m having fun! See? See?!”) My bestie was right: “Don’t say that! You’re too powerful.” That was a tough, scary year! Also full, interesting and, yes, fun.

I really have decided to make this the first day of the rest of my life, and the rest of my life is responsible. I know I’m fun. I know I’m joyful. I don’t have to clamor for anything. I’m also not actually worried about this debt I’ve accrued. It’s an exception, not a lifestyle. What is a lifestyle is food as poison, and avoidance as… avoidance.

I have a list of “I Will”s that I will! More later.

Today, I am The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything! Guess I better get my act together. 🙂

The year of THE ANSWER has begun!

42nd street bryant parkin this house


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