One of my favorite bloggers is Amy Keast at I read her post today about Energy Healing, in which she mentioned forgiveness as a major player in releasing energetic blockages. I felt like blogging my response, because forgiveness is pretty much my life’s theme or mission. In any case, I find myself doing it an awful lot. 🙂

“For me, forgiveness is key. In fact, I started my blog with the statement of belief that I came into this life to forgive. I started blogging to finally get it done. What I’ve learned (and finally accepted) is that forgiveness doesn’t occur and then go away. When an injury forms your perception and/or your very person, the anger and pain will reappear and you have to forgive all over again. I used to resent and fight this. Now I just do it. Some times are easier than others. Most of the time, it feels like failure and it takes a minute to get out of the disappointment/depression before I can even start working on letting it go again. *sigh*”
byron katiejerose


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