The Bill Hodson Band

bill hodson band
That was an awesome run! Last Thursday during our show, Kelly from Unusual Suspects, with whom we play, walked up between songs with a cake for Bill, announcing that this was the last day he’d be orchestrating Thursday nights at Millcreek. I’m sad about it. I loved singing there. But Bill wants paying gigs, and, well, I’m not gonna complain about that.

Marko and Ray came to every performance! So did my co-worker, Jo, which worked out for all my male friends who are clamoring for her attention. Keith from “How To Succeed” came twice and snapped the only shot of me singin’ with my band. My last show – how fortuitous! – I finally put the call out to my people to populate the audience, and they did! Mama Chris and Mama Pam, my bestie – a real treat, since it’s hard to get away from her 5 month old baby girl – Marko, Ray, Jo, Rusty, Theron, Pericles and his son.

I’m blessed. I’m supported. I’m loved! I’m surrounded by joy, laughter, and music. I love my urban family. Mama Chris calls us “Chosen Family.” I may adopt her term. It more accurately captures the warmth and gratitude I feel for the people who share my life. I can’t believe 40 is in the final stretch, and I can’t believe how truly wonderful a year it has been!

(This photo is from a benefit for Heart & Soul, a non-profit here in Salt Lake that brings music and the performing arts to those who can’t get out to see it. We played for a nursing facility, just over a week ago. It was nice to be back in that atmosphere. I miss volunteering for hospice.)


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