Open The Door

… and walk through!


Yesterday before work I got a call from Wild Bill, who told me we’re performing on Sunday at Sugarhouse Coffee. “It’ll be a chance for you to meet the band and work you into the act.” (Thursday was just Bill on keyboard and a bassist.)

“So this is what we’re doing now,” I thought. “Rehearsing songs I don’t know live!”

I said yes.

I was buzzing with synchronicity at work, excited to push my comfort level, blessed to have met such an ambitious man. I’m an idea person more than an action gal. I’d like to change that, but… I don’t.

Be careful what you wish for.

Bill walked into my work with his guitar and started throwing songs at me. “Do you know this? Do you know this?” They’re from the Great American Songbook; I know snippets of most. We sang a bit and I added them to my list to learn.

“Look,” Bill continued. “I want to put an act together and I’m talking days, not weeks.”

I agreed.

I needed someone to push me and I found him! Seems I’m the singer for a band.


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