2013 Person of The Year

Just from sound bytes and news blurbs, I have grown to love Pope Francis – nee Jorge Mario Bergoglio de Argentina – as I loved President Gordon B. Hinckley. The feeling is precisely the same! Last night, when Barbara Walters gave us her last installment of Person of The Year, I cried exactly like I did when Pres. Hinckley became prophet of the Mormon Church and said, “We are all brothers and sisters in Christ. Let us stop bickering amongst ourselves and do his work.” (paraphrased)

I love the underdog, and I celebrate, honor, and LOVE those who use their position to benefit the disenfranchised and others who might not be able to help themselves. Or at least they love them. I admire religious people who truly love their Lord, and exemplify Him in their lives and actions, having no business or interest in judging others. “Christ-like” is a word that, sadly, has grown quite hollow and I bristle at claims of acting in His name – so much that I opted out entirely. I worship the Great Unknown, and that’s awesome and true for me, but it’s also very non-committal, which is… true for me. πŸ™‚

I love men and women of God who act like it. That cannot be an easy thing to do. It is rare, indeed. I love Francis and I’m glad he’s the Pope.


3 thoughts on “2013 Person of The Year

    • He was LDS (Mormon) Prophet for many years, passed away quite some time ago. I don’t keep up on my former religion anymore… and I live here! He was pure love, that’s all. Well, he also had a delicious sense of humor. πŸ™‚ He made a huge impact on my life, and I will love him ’til I die. I’d already left the Church by the time he became its Prophet, but he was honest, earnest, and deeply good. And funny as hell. πŸ˜‰

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