Remember the Adonis from the dealership? https://wildwesterngirl.wordpress.com/2013/03/19/im-like-the-bravest/

Since last week, I’ve been getting texts from an unknown number. I don’t answer anyone I don’t know. Finally, he asked, “Is this still Christie’s number?” Not saying yes, I asked who he was… and it was him, Adonis!

My heart and belly did flip flops that made me so happy to be single! It’s a little embarrassing. I meant to go low-profile after the humiliating and, frankly, sobering experience of choosing my last relationship, the wrongest of my life.

Instead, I celebrate good timing. He called and we picked up as though we saw each other yesterday at work. We decided on dinner Tuesday. I’m pretty stoked about this because even though he’s the sexiest man I have ever seen, in fact I really like him. There’s more to us already than flirting. We laugh and laugh, but have yet to engage in conversation that doesn’t touch on personal truth, values, and integrity. And then we laugh again.

We’re ready to be friends. And I have this funny feeling I’m totally getting kissed by the hottest guy in the WORLD on Tuesday!


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