Hell Week

The agony of Hell Week was mitigated by the ecstacy of falling in love. My show opens tonight.

Dave and I love each other. I know, I know. It’s only been 2+ weeks! And many of you loyal readers may have picked up on my tendency to love falling in love more than I love being in a relationship, but that’s because I’ve been in relationships with the wrong man.

I never believed in The One until I found him.


3 thoughts on “Hell Week

  1. I hope he’s the one. I had the same feeling when I found the one. You couldn’t explain it, it was perfect. Not that the relationship was, fights happened, bickering was constant, but the love was always…. The one thing I say to this day about my husband is the one thing that irritates me the most about him is how much I love him, even when I’m pissed.

    • thank you! i love that the biggest irritant is how much you love your husband, even when you’re pissed. (how cute are you?) now that’s a happy life!

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