My brother’s wife is due with their first on Aug. 17th. Early in the pregnancy, they invited family to choose 3 names as possibilities, and I offered Charlie. I was loath to share it, because I always wanted to name my son Charlie, but, well… yeah. Anyway, my step-Grandpa Charles (“Chick”), who died 6 months after mom and dad got married, is up there in heaven hanging out with his great-grandson, right? It must be my nephew’s name. In fact, in true fashion, after I decided to share, I insisted. Lucky for me, they’d already selected Grandpa’s name as one of the top contenders. I would win, I knew it!

Tricky timing… My brother is leaving for graduate school in Florida on the 14th! He can’t miss orientation, and his wife is too late-term to join him. She swore it was okay that she might have this baby alone, but it most certainly was not to this opinionated auntie!

Once July turned to August, I began to pray that this little boy would come early. I picked Aug. 10th out of a hat when I prayed, “so his lungs’ll be good ‘n’ cooked.” For the last couple of days, I’ve been meaning to text my brother – just a jaunty little something to make my him smile – but I kept forgetting. ‘Til today. This morning I called out to my brother’s son, “Come on, Charlie! You can do it, Charlie! Earthside, Charlie!”

“Thanks for positive energy toward the birthday process, sis!” my brother texted back.

Guess what?! Charlie just landed! I had no idea mama was in labor, but I swear my little nephew was callin’ out to me just as surely as I was him!

That’s 2 newborns in 2013: Clarice in January and her cousin Charlie today. At least this one lives in Utah for a few weeks. I didn’t meet the other brother’s baby til she was 4 1/2 months old! She’s in Michigan. Charlie’ll be a beach baby.



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