Feeling Fifteen

Generally, I’ve inured myself to the soul-crushing endlessness of empty hours. I long ago left behind the guilt of non-productivity. I’ve begged to take on menial tasks to fill mindless hours and free some up for others who aren’t the definition of government waste. They know I’m available, wishing to do more/know more. In the meantime, I’ve watched more hula hoop videos in the last three months than ought to be allowed. (I picked up two new tricks this summer!) I’m even, gulp, sucked into Pinterest.

Work is not a chore.
Work is a bore.

And then… my co-worker talked me into installing Instant Messenger. She’d been trying to get me to start a conversation, but we sit next to each other. Why do I need an instant message? (Oh! Happiest of updates! I’m not alone up here with the old woman! I have a buffer!) (And, yes, they hired another person, when I’ve been begging for things to do.) She could not be made to understand my inability to understand our need for IM, so yesterday I finally caved. The tech who installed it immediately began messaging me. 🙂

We’ve been “noticing” and grinning at each other every time we pass in the halls since I started here in April. We exchange pleasantries, with flirtatious intention, when I deliver mail. He’s smart and funny, a little cocky. I’m too flustered and blushing to stick around for anything more. We’re going out tomorrow.


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