Take This Job and Shove It

So this little task I’ve been fighting all day… I finally figured out who to talk to for access to the restricted information I’m meant to review. He promised to add me to the permissions list and get back to me, which he did, asking for Cindy.

Simple enough misunderstanding, I think. “This is Christie,” I corrected him.

“Oh,” he replied, confused. “I need to talk to Cindy.”

“There is no Cindy. I’m Christie.”

“Are you the lady I just talked to?”


“You said ‘Cindy?'” he asked, still confused and now annoyed.

“No,” I answered plainly. “I told you my name was Christie.”

“Okay,” he said, disbelieving and still annoyed.

SERIOUSLY? I might explode. Stupid people are insufferable!


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