Judge Memorial Catholic High School Fundraiser for Water

Judge Memorial Catholic High School’s Rotary Interact Club chose Africa Heartwood Project as the recipient of its annual fundraiser. On Friday, students and faculty participated in “Jeans for Jesus,” paying $5 to wear non-uniform clothing to school. Last night was the silent auction and banquet. This thing was impressive! It was a glamorous event, from the reception hall to the sophisticated menu (authentic Liberian cuisine prepared by the gourmet chef of Stein Eriksen Lodge) to the fashions worn by attendees. I think the officers of the club are going to come very near their goal of raising $10,000 for the orphanage in Liberia! http://www.africaheartwoodproject.org/JMCHS.php

I was most impressed by the school. To watch the fulfillment of such an enriching program was inspiring and exciting. The young ladies (and one fine fella 😉 ) were composed and accomplished, and young and fun. It was delightful to watch the exchange between students and staff, and to be transported back to that time of promise and play.

I went “off book” last night! Last time there was another woman performing for the first time as well. She had typed out the lyrics phonetically and brought a music stand, so it wasn’t at all distracting to rely on them a bit. Last night, it would have been garish in that elegant ballroom. I was glad I didn’t take that nap after dance class, and practiced instead. I still messed up the trickiest line! I can’t tell you how many times yesterday afternoon that I sang “Fara baroma wato quebeh.” Next time!

(April 15: JMCHS Rotary Interact has raised 12K so far! What exciting news! I’m proud of those kids! And I’m honored to be part of something so worthwhile and rewarding.)


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