Get After It, Hot Stuff!

So, my assignment at the dealership came to an end but then the cashier in the service department panicked that she would be alone until the new girl started back there, with month end and first of the month coming up… so off I went to the money pit.

One of the service writers is gorgeous, a stallion of a man. Like, as hot as the owner of the detail shop, with whom, incidentally, I still chat it up. In fact, I asked him this week if he’d jump out of an airplane with my friends and me on my 40th.

“That’s crazy,” he marveled. “Just yesterday my buddy said, ‘We need to go skydiving again soon.'”

“Bring him!”

“But that’s crazy,” he said again. “We were just talking about it.”

“Hm. You should pay attention to that.” (We’ve talked spirituality and “knowingness.”)

I told him the time and place, and asked if he still had my number. He put his hand on mine and winked. “I’ve still got your number.”

“As well you should,” I reminded him, placing my other hand on his. “‘Til next time, my unavailable friend.” (Still in love with ex-wife.) I hope he comes!

Back to the stallion… I’ve been tossing my hair and beaming when he comes into the office, and I’ve suspected that he’s lingering longer and longer, but I just couldn’t be the one to make the move with him. Yesterday, we got talkin’ movies. “Oh, I need to see that again!” I laughed, when he quoted “The Big Lebowski.” After lunch, he handed me the DVD. He’d gone home to get it. (God, he looks good kitted up in motorcycle gear!)

It just so happens that I have a copy of the other movie we talked about and this morning, very nearly this moment, I walked in and put it on his desk, my number included. “I know where you work,” I said. “I’m not really giving you my number to get my movie back. Unless you’re not available. And then I am.”

Tomorrow is officially my last day.

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