I’d gone a year without knowing where he died. A couple of weeks afterwards, I did go into the convenience store I suspected and asked if a man OD’d in their restroom, but I felt so gross as the words came out that I ran away. “Nevermind! I’m sorry!”

(“I don’t need to know where it happened,” I chided myself. “It certainly doesn’t matter to him. And why would I wish to put that picture in someone else’s head?” I felt disgusting and morbid for wanting to know.)

Around the anniversary mark Christine told me where he died, a few blocks east of the store I imagined. “I sit at the bus stop across the street every morning!” I exclaimed, delighted for reasons I don’t understand. “They’re tearing it down!”

“Oh, no,” she lamented.

“Are you kidding? Good riddance. He LIVED!”

The next day, I arrived early and wrote his name on the not-yet-demolished building, plus hearts and smiley faces. “Hi, honey!” I said to him every morning thereafter. “We always did share a twisted sense of humor. Why not greet each other here?”

Today, I lunched with friends kitty-corner from that place. When I drove by, I dismissed my intuition. “You’re just thinking of him because of the corner, Christie, not because he’s with you every time he crosses your mind.” But then I passed a license plate that read, “Chef On,” and if you’ve read other posts about Jeffrey, you know my culinary friend talks to us through license plates, too.

“Oh, alright then,” I teased us both. “Hi, honey!”


3 thoughts on “Cheffrey

  1. JEFF….. Jeff with red hair, funny Jeff, crazy hilarious Jeff, weed loving beer drinking Jeff Jones. I have been looking for him. Im hoping this is not the same Jeff Jones. but when I put his name in under images a tomb stone appears, and it leads to your blog. My dear friend Jeff Can this be why I can not find you ???? Please will you let me know if this is Jeff, he has red hair, usually a goatee, funny as ever, family lived in Orem utah.

    • i’m sorry you found out this way. you described him perfectly. no one was funnier than that wonderful, ridiculous man! he touched so many people with his humor, laughter, generosity, kindness, forgiveness, understanding, hula hooping, and FOOD.

      • yes as I further looked around I see it is my sweet friend Jeff who has left this earth and taken some sunshine, sunflowers and laughter with him. I am so lucky to be friends with Jeff, to have known him here on earth, to have spent significant time with him, to have laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes. The last time I saw Jeff was a number of years ago and it is ironic from what we spoke about, that he died from an overdose of heroin. Oh Jeff Jeff Jeff heroin takes people down like a rag doll, destroys there true nature and the life light they are. I love you miss you always and one day I will smile with you again. Peace always and forever.

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