First Audition of the Year

I scheduled my audition today for Voyeur. It’s on Wednesday at 2:35 p.m. Ack! I had an upbeat song in the arsenal but they want a comedic, upbeat song. I have something else in mind, just need to find it at the library and refamiliarize myself with the lyrics.

Here’s my headshot. It’s fine, inasmuch as I look fine. I just lacks an “It” that says, “I belong on the stage, YOUR stage!” I don’t know. I’m sure I’m psyching myself out.
headshot 2012Oh, and there’s the small problem of the audition notice, which calls for men and women ages 20 – 30. Uhhhhh, yeah. I’m… outside the box, ‘s all.

(Jan. 19) My actress friend (Glee, Parks & Rec) said it will do for my audition Wednesday, but to try in future for something with more “zhuzjh.” I guess I’ll have to pay someone I don’t know. It’s hard to pose for anyone familiar. This one, by my bestie, is by far the best I’ve taken, but a stranger provides more freedom to vamp it up, ham it up, sex it up, glam it up until there are enough to choose from that don’t look like, “Okay, let’s be done and order pizza.” My professional friend told me to crop it, so here it is very, VERY close. Egad!

I see into your  soul and pores!

I see into your soul and pores!

What do you think? I’m nervous!

Oh my gosh… Rudy! Oh Christie, honestly. You had time enough to get this done. How is he not occurring to you until days before it’s due? I adore Rudy and we visit at fair length on the urban scene… where he’s my photographer! I think I would feel comfortable enough in that awkward sitting-by-your-cheesy-self setting that I could relax and settle into an hour or so of portraiture with him. And the friend-price is sure to match my budget. Phew!

Ugh… Now I’m being told the trend is color vs. black & white. Guess I’ve been out of the biz for near 2 decades. 🙂 Ah well, it is what it is for now. I don’t expect much anyway. I’m just glad for audition practice. My goal is a call back. Success is showing up.


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