A Homeland In The West

Utah Jews Remember

In the summer of 2009, this wonderful book caught my eye and I bought it for $20. I didn’t know why, but I couldn’t let it go unpurchased. I kept meaning to read it. “I have got to read that book!” I chided myself again and again. I thought it would make the most thrilling conversation-starter coffee table book. It’s about Salt Lake’s Jewish pioneers.

This year, I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by and claustrophobic in all my stuff. How can one woman have so much STUFF, for the love of all that is holy!? This summer I participated in The Greatest Yard Sale of Time and All Eternity. I put that book up for 2 bucks. “Clearly, this doesn’t belong to me,” I thought as I imagined the true owner finding it in the library. I could feel the excitement of sharing in that magic and joy together.

No one bought it. “Huh. I guess it’s mine, after all.” I was confused. I felt it finding home.

I found her! She moved here from San Francisco and joined my African Dance class. We went to lunch and she told her story and ancestry. It was well after my Saturday nap that I remembered that neglected book. I took it to class the next week. It was Hanukkah!

Not only was it appropriate for the little gal whose grandparents helped found Salt Lake’s Jewish Community, they were in it! She looked in the index. “Oh, yep. Here they are,” she said, turning to the page with their story and WEDDING PICTURE here in the SLC!

Thanks, angels. It’s not the first time I bought something for a future owner other than myself, but it was certainly the best one. I can’t sufficiently capture the thrill and humility.


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