I’m Purely Wicked

Let’s just compare, shall we? The kind of energy people choose to put out there. Now granted, the energy I’m going for is needy and obnoxious. “I’m so cute! Adore me!” But really… I’m so cute! Adore me! And anyway I’ve long said, “I want someone to adore me, because I WANT SOMEONE TO ADORE.” I dress to inspire happiness, laughter, whimsy. I dress to attract beautiful, playful, [hopefully-]kind people.

And granted, it was Halloween. There were ghouls a-plenty, and appropriately so. Oh, I’m going straight to hell, and I’m sure to delete this later. But it’s that time of year again, renewal, readjustment, recommitment. I binge on food and purge emotional bile ’til next year. Every year. Hm. Now… I gloat. What do you think this person is putting out there?:

Seriously Awesome Make-Up

I’m sure Rudy wouldn’t appreciate me using his photography in this way, but this is really under my craw… ’cause here’s another picture of the real reason I’m sad. My darling Tomas. My heart hurts.


He really nailed it this year! The American boxer(s)? Come on! He rarely lets himself get tipsy – the consummate host – but he let himself go this night and there was no understanding his accent, haha!

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