Slightly Post-Halloween Party

Rudy snapped me before I could powder and lipstick. :)

Rudy snapped me before I could powder and lipstick. 🙂

It was bound to happen. “Don’t worry,” nearby revelers reassured me. “We’ve all complained about her.” Tomas’ girlfriend picked me Saturday. She tried to pick a fight with me at the last party, but I played it off so gracefully I actually won her approval. Not so lucky this time. 

She began stomping around and mouthing off. When that didn’t work, she thrust my [GIANT]purse into my gut and ordered me to leave. 

“Oh,” I laughed. “Okay.” 

“Yeah, do you read? It says, ‘Do Not Enter.'” 

“I had Tomas’ permission,” I answered, laughing still, and left. 

So the cab driver drops me and I realize my wallet is missing. I can’t pay the man. “Sure,” he grumbled. Shit. 

I called Tomas the next morning. “Oh Christie, sorry. I’m so sorry. She can be so crazy sometimes.” 

“That’s okay,” I answered honestly. I told him I’d misplaced my wallet and could he look around for it? (I found it later.) 

“Thank you. You handled it so well. You were classy.” I don’t get called that every day. 🙂 

So today I’m greeted on Facebook by the most psychotic non-apology from this girl. It was mad, seriously mad. Well, here: 

Miss Christie, this is ______ Tomas’s GF I want to apologize about the party. I was rude. It was, however becoming very annoying /exhausting when / others kept entering the bedroom clearly marked “don’t enter” ( a lady does need a safe place for her purse tho!)I was acting as the hostess, bouncer, bartender bla bla & talking to my dear friend, who I love n’ haven’t seen in years, leaving tomorrow. I miss and love her and I kept getting interrupted… it was frustrating as hell. etc. Accept it or not I’m extendeing an olive branch (with ZERO prompting from Tomas) You have a charming bouyant demeanor ~I was misread as ingenuine perhaps. since I started dating Tomas people have verbalized how I need to “prove myself worthy of him” and it hurts deeply. And when I set your bag out in the living room there wasn’t anyone on that side of the split room not even passed out futon chick. So if you are/were missing something, i’m sure it wasn’t from here. Tomas said you had your ID/credit card -so wouldn’t that those been IN the wallet?! If I see you again I promise to treat you with respect. whew! THE END

But it wasn’t the end.

actually tomas made me right this so whatever

I replied, “i asked tomas for permission to store my purse in his room as well, and he gave it. i didn’t say you took my wallet. i said i lost it and asked if he would look around his place. you did, however, shove my purse in my gut and kick me out of a party my friend was hosting at his apartment. the end,” and added, “if we chance to meet i will never be unkind. i can be civil. i hope you can too. that is all.”

Have I started a war? I feel like I held my ground legitimately. I won’t be pushed around. By whom? A crazy woman? Let her dig her own grave and stay far away from the shovel! I don’t suppose I’m in any danger… really.


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