Kirt and Jerry’s Baby Shower

My friends were chosen by a birth mother and their son is due in mid-November! Their baby shower was elegant like a wedding reception. Of course. Leave it to the gays. Kidding aside, it was everything a baby shower should be. No obnoxious games everyone suffers through, just an occasion to celebrate family and community and love. The only activity was to write our thoughts and blessings to baby Oscar George Bateman-Rapier on quilt blocks, which Jerry’s sister will stitch into a beautiful blanket in which to wrap and welcome home their son! Their son!

Writing to the baby and his fathers centered our thoughts on the importance and sacredness of the event. It was inspiring and uplifting, just a wonderful Fall afternoon spent with diverse people and joy.

I hope I get to figure into this new child’s life like I did my other friends’ kids, who are teenagers now and mostly disinterested in me, ‘cept the one kid I love above all others, who sees me as one of her mommies. 🙂

Happy Daddies

old friends

old friends

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