I Have Canceled on Jesus

and chosen filthy lucre instead.

I forgot I have a class tonight. I’m taking a 3-wk. course, “Understanding the Stock Market,” through my alma mater, University of Utah, at the end of which I shall purchase my first share in some publicly traded corporation or another.

I feel so grown-up! It’s high time at 39. I did the same thing when I was 25. “Oh my god, mid-twenties!” I felt I had none of the trappings of adulthood: husband, babies, degree. So I bought a condo, which housed me for 9 nine years until I sold it – literally 2 weeks before the housing bubble burst. I made a bundle and rid myself of all consumer debt, which I have never reacquired. I think I’m going to be very good at this.

I’ll visit with the Lord another day.


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