Our Animals Do Important Work

I’m at my desk – running behind, can’t stay long – doing data entry in the Bereavement Log. “Social Worker spoke with husband, who verbalized feelings of loss and loneliness. He struggles to enjoy activities he used to share with wife. Family got him a cat to keep him company.” I began to cry. You know me.


2 thoughts on “Our Animals Do Important Work

  1. I firmly believe that all pets have the potential to be “therapy animals.” When we allow them to do their work, they are miracle workers. The family can’t be there all the times, and the cat can be with him when the family can’t. Sleeping alone can be lonely….

  2. my cats came to me at a risky, scary period of my life. i’ve had deep reverence ever since of animals’ connection to angels or the spirit or whatever. i call my girls “magicat” sometimes even still, because i didn’t seek them out. they came when i needed them. these days our relationship is based on love and laughter rather than comfort in chaos. i’m blessed and i know it! thank you for your reply.

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