The guy who stood me up Sunday just texted me, “Good afternoon, gorgeous.” As if! “Good riddance,” more like. I was glad to know not to invest time or affection in him, but I’m stunned to be contacted 3 days later. It was unexpected.

(Mar. 8) He just texted again, as if nothing happened. So… Disrespect her and see what she’ll allow? Is that what jerks think? The man of my dreams values my time and tells me when his plans change. He makes me laugh and treats me with honesty and respect. Next!


One thought on “Next!

  1. he’s texted so many times i’ve lost track and has even called, leaving a message! what don’t you get? we were going to go out, and never did. i was willing until you told me not to be. lame guys are lame, haha! it’s very interesting to be so utterly disinterested and watch what that’s doing to him. without any manipulation or intention of driving him crazy, i see that suddenly he MUST have me. dance, monkey, dance. but stop contacting me. i’m over it. wishing you no harm and only the best, crh

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